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Alien Monstaz #ALMO token is not just a crypto token; it's a movement of creativity and fandom of sci-fi and horror inspiring the world with Alien and Monster community led projects and memes.Inspired by our love of memes, sci-fi and horror movies, and the craziness and fun of our beloved, wacky mascot the little green monsta this token represents a space in the world for monster and alien memes.Join us on a journey where memes meet movies and fun and technology, fostering a community where fun and art and memes go hand in hand.

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How to Buy1. Purchasing Alien Monstaz token #ALMO is as easy as finding your favourite sci-fi meme online. Follow these simple steps:2. Create a digital wallet where you can safely store your Alien Monstaz #ALMO tokens. We recommend Phantom for our Solana Tokens.3. Choose a cryptocurrency exchange that lists Alien Monstaz #ALMO Tokens or use Jupiter or Raydium (SOL).4. Exchange your SOL for Alien Monstaz #ALMO tokens.5. Transfer your Alien Monstaz #ALMO tokens to your wallet and enjoy the fun of Aliens and Monstaz themes, culture, movies, memes, games and community and all around vibes.

Community EngagementThe Alien Monstaz #ALMO community is a space where fun alien and monster memes meet movie fans, filmmakers and sci fi and horror geeks. Let's unite!We do this for fun to then launch some events, games, reviews, geek fests, nerd sessions, art and creativity things, laid-back discussions on sci-fi and horror lore and other fun stuff.Connect, share, and grow with fellow sci-fi and horror and meme nerds in a supportive and nurturing environment where everyone is invited.

Latest NewsStay tuned for the latest updates on Alien Monstaz #ALMO token, including insights into the world of sci-fi and horror memes, updates on our roadmap, and stories from our vibrant community of sci-fi and horror culture nerds.Whether it's a new exchange listing, a community event, or a breakthrough in the world of memes, you'll hear it here first.22nd May 2024
We are going to stealth launch on SOL today and then use some of the funds for the BNB LP again for our BNB coin so we can be live and exist on two chains. We will then proceed with our other plans for the community for this meme coin. Remember it's all for fun, games and eventually world domination!
Token will be:
1. LP token is burned
2. Mint authority has been renounced.
3. Portion of the supply held by the developer for marketing/developing the project and for anti-whale measures.
We will partake in initiatives to support emerging artists and planting of trees and climate positive things with part of the ALMO proceeds we get, so buying the token makes a difference also to others and the planet!

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